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Dekalb Market Launched

Looking to get all your shopping done for the week?  A new market close to Fort Greene highlights the best locally-grown produce and products in Brooklyn.

With over a dozen food vendors, an Internet radio station and educational farm, Dekalb Market, a project put together by Urban Space and located on Fulton Mall in Downtown Brooklyn, is looking to become a new sustainable hub for both retailers and the community at large.

Approximately 29 Brooklyn-based purveyors ranging from food vendors to retail stores will be on hand.  There will also be vendors from the Dekalb Farm offering options from educational classes on horticulture from Liberty Sunset Garden Center, to an incubator farm with eight plots.

TO READ MORE, CLICK HERE –> Dekalb Market Launches – Ft. Greene-Clinton Hill Patch.

Frugal is the New Fierce!

One of the benefits of living in a big metropolis is that there is often a good deal, a better bargain or fab freebie waiting for you to snap it up.  Living with limited income has a host of realities that may take some time to master.  Jean, a new retiree, spends hours scouring the Sunday paper for coupons, that’s fine, but also visit your neighborhood hair salon, bakery, parlor, laundry or diner for dollar-stretching deals.  If the small business that you regularly support does not offer occasional savings for seniors, step up and suggest they start to as a way to appreciate customer loyalty.  Sometimes just one or two voices can trigger change.

Be aware, or just avoid, group deals designed for seniors that require membership dues or cash upfront to earn points in a discount program.  It’s usually a scam.  Some frugal consumers we know sent us their tested and perfected pointers for bargain hunting for those necessities, take a read and feel free to add your own tips:

>  Be mindful, a “SALE” sign doesn’t always mean real savings.  Allison keeps a list of the prices of product(s) and service(s) she uses frequently so when a sale shows up she can judge whether it’s a great deal.  Businesses know that four-letter word attracts eyeballs even if the markdown is only a penny.

>  Craig and his partner Carlos cut their weekly dining expense and save by dining at a restaurant that regularly offers two-for-one Sunday brunch.

>  Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program provides coupons for fresh produce to low-income seniors.  Local area agencies on aging, local chefs, farmers or farmers’ markets associations, and various non-profit groups provide nutrition education to SFMNP recipients to encourage recipients to improve and expand their diet by adding fresh fruits and vegetables bought with SFMNP coupons.  Learn more, click here: eat fresh foods  SFMNP New York Coordinator: Jonathan Thomson via phone: 518-457-7076, email:

>  Roger calls on dental schools at Columbia or NYU that offer specialty and general dentistry services performed by students or dental residents and supervised by licensed faculty.  Medicaid is accepted and financial assistance is available to cover the reasonable fee.  Schools for chiropractors and podiatrists also offer general services.  Learn more, click here: Columbia Dental School 

Please post your ideas for stretching dollars and where you found super deals and bargains for seniors on services and necessities.