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Actors Promoting Same-sex Public Kissing…Hmmm?

What’s all the hype about over iconic actor Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover doing some public lip-locking as a show of congratulations and support, from one brother to another?

Actors Glover (left) & Belafonte kiss at BET Awards.

The first radar-grabbing affectionate encounter happened at a BET Awards event a few moons ago.  Mr. Belafonte was a BET achievement honoree when Mr. Glover passionately pressed flesh with Mr. Belafonte for a brow-raising photo-opp that still has ‘straight’ Black bloggers up in arms.  Recently, the elder entertainers were caught on camera in another no-tongue dry kiss.  At a dinner party for Mr. Belafonte’s “Sing Your Song,” hosted at Bing Bar, Mr. Glover dropped by to show support and slipped another lip-tingling congratulatory kiss on Mr. Belafonte.

The blogosphere continues to use the rare show of brotherly love as a catalyst to urge an outing of these seniors.  Who mandates that Black men must confine displays of support and admiration to knuckle-bumps and sideways-V finger gestures?

WHAT DO YOU THINK?: Are such public figures using their senior years to shatter age-old barriers, or just seeking space in news headline?  Do you believe a public same-sex kiss reveals one’s  sexual orientation?  And, are these hot gents sparking a movement to get Black seniors to be more OUT with their affection?

For Half of a Century, Love Endures

Long-time Brooklyn couple considers nuptials  as marriage equality act takes effect in New York State

By C. Zawadi Morris


On the eve of same-sex marriage equality in New York State, nearly five-decades of love has endured for one Brooklyn couple.

“It’s about time!” Jean Rowe and Thelma Simmons of East Flatbush say simultaneously. Often finishing each other’s sentences, it’s clear these women have known each other a very long time—49 years and eight months, to be exact. But who’s counting?

Jean is in her 70s and Thelma is 82. They are both African-American women. They have a gentle nature but possess subtle personality differences that clearly complement each other.

Their love took root while they were in their late 20s and early 30s, and together, over the past fifty years, they have seen the world change: They’ve watched economies bottom out and rise again and wars start and stop.

So many social and political revolutions have happened as they went about their lives during a time when it was unheard of for gay couples to be out about their relationship, much less consider same-sex marriage.

Click this link to read full article:

For Half of a Century, Love Endures – Bed-Stuy, NY Patch.